WinOLS download ecu editor damos

WinOLS is one of the most known and used to modify / change the maps of engine management (ECU) system applications
The program makes it easy to search and find maps, which can be named, modified and presented in various ways.
All data and Maps are stored in the project files...

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Tuning edc15 tutorial and instructions for a safe tuning

To modify a EDC15 file you whould take in considerations some technical and logical things before to do that, based on several calculations.
The main parameters which can be tuned for a stage 1 tuning are :




– TURBO PRESSURE with auxiliar maps and li...

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Mpps v13 Ecu Tuning software,Ecu flash tuning

The tuned files uploaded on this site were modified with WinOLS.
We do NOT suggest directly to WRITE files from internet on your ECU.
If you want safety, reliability and power in the same time, we provide in this way professional tuning services.
You can enjoy tuning file service and find more files...

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