Skoda octavia chiptuning,Skoda tuned file,Remap service,Diesel power 1.9 tdi 90 110 hp

Skoda Octavia Tuning, Skoda Superb Tuning

Power increase will be up to 25 % from the initial power.

You can also buy a professional made tuning and in this case you must read your ORIGINAL FILE and send it to us for modifications.

The modification process will be done directly on your ORIGINAL FILE, READ FROM ORIGINAL ECU.


  • There are various tools on the market for reading and writing files to and from your ecu, starting from a basic KWP2000 flasher, galletto flasher right up to expensive byteshooter, alientech equipment, MPPS.
    Very soon a free file will be uploaded, but i dont recommend directly to write the file on your ECU, that file is for leaning purposes, the settings in those file are not optimal or SAFE.
  • The remap file was tested on various cars on a standard engine.
  • This map also removes all flat spots in the rev range, less turbo lag and power where you need it most. Diesel consumption is usually the same and some cases you will gain a few mpg’s on light throttle!.
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