Mpps v13 Ecu Tuning software,Ecu flash tuning

The tuned files uploaded on this site were modified with WinOLS.
We do NOT suggest directly to WRITE files from internet on your ECU.
If you want safety, reliability and power in the same time, we provide in this way professional tuning services.
You can enjoy tuning file service and find more files for more ECU types.
The modification process will be done directly on your ORIGINAL FILE, READ FROM ORIGINAL ECU.


Download for free MPPS V13 tool for tuning your ecu. You can buy this cable for around 20 25 USD from eBay, dont spend money on expensive things if you dont have a very new car model with EDC17 ECU.
You can read or write a bin file modified with WinOLS , on your ecu using this tool.
MPPS V13 Download


This following information describes in detail the process for Read ecus with the MPPS Cables.

Example Vehicle:
VOLKSWAGEN -> GOLF IV -> ME7.5 -> 1.8Turbo

Select the Make from the list.

Next Select the Model from the list.

Next Select the ECU TYPE from the List

Please read the comments section.

For example if this ECU was read and the flash was remapped you must checksum in you tuning software.
Alternatively if your have not purchased checksuming of the ecu most remapped files can be checksumed by MPPS.
The note on this car indicates that if the immobilizer in the dashboard is blocking flashing access to remove the Dashboard (Kombi) FUSE.

PAY Close attention to the ECU type.  If the ECU type is not found you can likely find it under another model.
For example selecting Audi -> A4 -> 1.8 Turbo Bosch ME7,5 selection could also be used to read this ECU as the hardware is the same.

ECU Identification

Press “Ecu ID” to id the ecu.  MPPS will be its best to perform a proper ECU ID.  In some cases due to variations in data structure the exact versions are not shown even on a readable ecu..

Next Press the “Read” Button.  MPPS will now attempt to read out the ecu data.

Upon successfully reading the ECU.  MPPS will prompt you for the location to save the file name.

Continue to follow the instructions and switch off the key.

Turn on the key and press continue.

MPPS will perform any post reading requirements if needed by that ECU model.

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