EDC16 Ecu tuning tutorial guide

Below you can find a PDF file with some good advices for a good ECU EDC16 tuning. The system looks similar to EDC16, a lot of maps are recognized automatically by WinOLS, but they are IQ to Nm related.
Standard Maps :

EGR: (This map regulates the Exhaust gas recirculation valve.)
TORQUE LIMITER: This map limits the torque of the engine based on RPM and atmospheric pressure. The output of this map
is also Torque in Nm.
SMOKE LIMITER MAP: (this map limits the IQ depending on airmass and the current rpm)
Drivers wish Maps:This map shows the required torque based on the RPM and the Throttle position. The output of this map is
Torque in Nm. There may be more drivers wish maps, in the file I used for this guide there were 8 drivers
wish maps.
Nm to IQ conversion map:This map converts the requested Torque in Nm into IQ (injected quantity).
Turbo map:This map set the required boost depending on the requested torque and current rpm. There might be more
than one boost map. In this file there are 2 boost maps.
Turbo limiter map:This map limits the required boost depending on the atmospheric pressure and the current rpm.
Single value boost limiter:This value limits the absolute pressure of the turbo. This value can be found by looking directly behind the
turbo limiter map.

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