EDC16 Ecu tuning tutorial guide

Below you can find a PDF file with some good advices for a good ECU EDC16 tuning. The system looks similar to EDC16, a lot of maps are recognized automatically by WinOLS, but they are IQ to Nm related.
Standard Maps :

EGR: (This map regulates the Exhaust gas recirculation valve.)

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Vp37 vp44 Tuning remap guide,Bosch chiptuning

Remap guide for Tuning VP37 and VP44 Rotary Diesel Pumps, Diesel Tuning Guide, Remap Diesel, Bosch Injection Tuning, Diesel, Tuning Parts, ECU TUNING, Chip.
The VP37 can inject in a window of about 17-20° BTDC to about the same ATDC, however, if the resulting pressure maximum happens too late, effic...

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Advance and ignition timing for better fuel economy

Improving fuel economy or gaining horsepower means making the engine more efficient. Fuel economy or maximum power is only obtainable when the correct air/fuel mixture or ratio (a richer mixture for power and a leaner mixture for economy) is ignited by the ignition system at the correct time...

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Chip tuning tutorial ecu tuning remap

UniChip, Motortuning, Engine Remapping, Remaps, Remap Tutorial, Ecu Tuning tutorial, ECU Programming, TDI Tuning, Skoda Tuning, Superchips UK,Chip Tuning
At the following link you can find a good tutorial how to modify ECU paramters for better power and good realibility.
This great article covers so...

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Timing the diesel for good tuning

In this article you can READ a good tutorial about how timing on diesel cars works.
Learn about advanced or retarded timing effects and how they affeect the running of an engine, fuel consumption and power.
Diesel does not ignite easily compared to other fuels, at least at temperatures that we are

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Tuning edc15 tutorial and instructions for a safe tuning

To modify a EDC15 file you whould take in considerations some technical and logical things before to do that, based on several calculations.
The main parameters which can be tuned for a stage 1 tuning are :




– TURBO PRESSURE with auxiliar maps and li...

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