Chiptuning software

Tools you need to Upgrade or Remap/Software Chiptuning your ECU. You can find these tools on the internet(ebay), at very low prices.

1) MPPS Cable

There already exists V13, V16 and V18 MPPS tools. Procedure is pretty similar for all versions.


  • Load the software onto your fully charged computer.
  • Plug the lead into the car (normally above ashtray or in the drivers footwell).
  • Open the software and select driver
  • rMPPS remap car selection
  • Turn on the ignition and Check the voltage is above 12V
  • Click “ECU ID”.
  • MPPS - How to check car voltage and ECU part number
  • Select “Read”. This action will read your ECU File.

 MPPS reading ECU

2) Galletto V54

Imagini pentru galletto v54

Galletto V54 can be found at many suppliers for a low price. Documentation is on the CD how to read/write files.

3) Kess V2

Kess is best tool when it comes about read/write ecu files.  Price for a good Kess clone is around 100 USD and is able to read/write or recovery most of ecus via OBD.

Imagini pentru kess v2