Chiptuning Service

We provide custom remap service for every specific engine and car. You can find also informations about chiptuning process and various experiments on different engines.
If you need a custom remap for your own car please upload your file in the right sidebar. We will analyze your file and contact you with remap offer.

All our settings are tested for many years with good reliability, better fuel economy and consistent power increase.
Remap service represents optimizations  for :

  •  Driver Wish acceleration/position pedal, Torque Settings, Smoke/Lambda limiters optimized
  •  Power and torque increase numbers can vary between 20 and 30 % more.
  •  Injection Settings, Rail pressure for CR engines, Timing advance
  •  EGR off via software which will provide a cleaner engine for better combustion and economy.
  •  Turbo pressure optimized,  Start of Injection for optimal BSFC
  •  Good performance and also good economy when cruising on light acceleration.
  •  Additional power can be felt instantly after remap.
  •  On Light Cruising you will achieve better economy and when you push the pedal you will get needed power.

We do NOT send files from the internet to write on your ECU,  modifications will be done directly on your ORIGINAL FILE.

  • Any car manufacturer accepts a tolerance for engine parameters such as timing, turbo pressure, injection, limitation delivery, fuel pressure, rail pressure, pump pressure and quantity.
  • There are various tools on the market for reading and writing files to and from your ECU, starting from a basic Galletto flasher right up to expensive byteshooter, Alientech equipment and MPPS 16/18, Kess V2, Autotuner.